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In addition to Monthly or Annual Memberships, members are responsible for:

  • $350 security deposit
  • $125 membership application, which covers setup, documentation, equipment and facility training, and new client inspection meeting
  • 10 hr month minimum for Food Entrepreneur Memberships
  • Any transaction fees from The Food Corridor, which allows Members to book, schedule, add-on, or pay for their membership activities easily online
  • Any smallwares or other assets needed to run the members’ enterprise
  • Certificate of insurance showing a minimum $1,000,000 commercial general liability insurance with CHISOS STAR LLC listed as additional insured and members must maintain such policy for the entire of the membership.

Optional, additional features and rates may apply for:

  • Electricity charges for Members with specialized equipment
  • Floor space charges for Cook’s Nook Members with additional floor, equipment, or storage needs
  • Overage fees beyond membership hours
  • Additional Dry, Cooler, or Freezer storage
  • Members Tasting Kitchen use reservations
  • Members Lawn use reservations
  • Non-cleaning fees
  • False Alarm fees
We do allow select enterprises to become a Select Partner of The Cook’s Nook and have occasional access to our Members Demonstration Kitchen or Production Kitchen for:
  • Single event “one-offs” planning and preparation
  • Media shoots or recordings

Membership charges do apply for these special events. Please contact us directly for information.

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