cooks-nook-austin-mobile-truck-kitchen-prep-storage-austinStay compliant with the City of Austin with The Cook’s Nook as a culinary incubator for grease and water disposal and water refill. Additional dry storage can be added to your commissary membership, so you can order more effectively and store goods securely and safely, allowing you to better manage food costs.

You’ll need to meet with The Cook’s Nook team during regular business hours, and provide:

  • Completed Mobile Food Vendor Application from the City of Austin website
  • City of Austin Food Handler’s / Manager’s Permits. These and other compliance requirements by the City of Austin must be maintained throughout the membership.
  • The Cook’s Nook Membership Application
  • Security Deposit
  • Arranged Automatic Debit
  • The Cook’s Nook Membership Agreement
  • Certificate of Insurance, with a minimum of $1m commercial general liability insurance, with The Cook’s Nook as an additional insured. This must be maintained throughout the membership.

As you grow, you can graduate to a Production Member, and access The Cook’s Nook for production preparation for your expanding business.

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